Our Immigration Law Services

The main focus of our full-service immigration law firm in Shrewsbury, NJ, is to offer our knowledge, expertise, and broad experience to:

  • Employers that are faced with many complex legal issues involving immigration laws in their day-to-day operations.
  • Family-based immigration services including green cards or work permits.

Employment-Based Immigration Lawyer

Our employment-based immigration lawyer is committed to providing practical, cost-effective, and appropriate legal advice to allow clients to navigate through complex legal issues in a manner that reduces the risk of harm to their businesses while helping them to identify ways to grow in a global economy.

Realizing that immigration laws and rules change constantly, we keep up-to-date on the laws, policies, and politics involved at all times. Knowing that time is of the essence in business, we are always available to assist clients promptly, on an ongoing basis, to ensure that their companies run more smoothly and predictably in the short and long term.

At our full-service immigration law firm, we fully understand all the benefits of hiring and retaining foreign nationals, as well as the myriad of United States laws and rules regulating their hiring and retention.

Specifically, among the Employment-Based Immigration Legal Services the Firm provides, are the following:

Immigrant And Non-Immigrant Petitions

Specifically, among the employment-based immigration legal services our firm provides, are the following:

Immigrant petitions, including:

– EB-1 Extraordinary Ability Aliens and Multinational Managers and Executives
– EB-2 Advanced Degree Professionals
– EB-3 Skilled Workers
– EB-5 Investor Visas
– National Interest Waiver Applications

Non-immigrant petitions, including:

– B-1 Business Visitors
– E-1 Treaty Traders
– E-2 Treaty Investors
– F-1 Student Visas (CPT and OPT)
– H-1B Specialty Occupation Professionals
– H-2B and H-2A Essential Workers
– H-3 Trainees
– I-1 Foreign Media Representatives
– J-1 Exchange Visitors
– L-I Intra-company Transferees
– O-1 Extraordinary Ability Aliens
– P-1 Athletes and Entertainers
– P-2 Reciprocal Exchange Artists and Entertainers
– P-3 Culturally Unique Artists and Entertainers
– Q-1 Cultural Exchange Visitors
– R-1 Religious Workers
– TN NAFTA Professionals from Canada and Mexico

Worksite Immigration Compliance Lawyer

All applicable Department of Labor applications which precede the filing of visa petitions such as Labor Certification Applications, Labor Condition Applications, and Prevailing Wage Determination Requests.

All types of Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Visa Applications before the Department of State through the National Visa Center and United States Consulates around the world.

Identifying immigration issues in the context of Mergers and Acquisitions as well as other forms of corporate restructuring with regard to the employment of foreign personnel.

Guidance related to several USCIS frequent traveler programs and anti-terrorism efforts, I-94 Record Keeping, Customs and Border Protection policies, programs and procedures.

Corporate Immigration Law Firm

Comprehensive corporate immigration law practices must be well versed in more than just visa processing for such things as I-9 compliance, audits, investigations, and sanctions. Several agencies are designated as gatekeepers when it comes to employing foreign nationals. For example:

  • The Department of Labor (DOL) heavily regulates wages of foreign nationals
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) polices overall employer compliance with immigration laws at the workplace
  • The Office of Special Counsel (OSC) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) enforce foreign national anti-discrimination laws
  • The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) polices our borders.

Many of these agencies have the authority to conduct random, on-site audits of employer workplaces and records. As a corporate immigration law firm, we are experienced with how to handle such audits and investigations. We have effectively counseled many clients caught up in the turmoil of distracting government investigations. We have successfully negotiated with these agencies on behalf of clients and have obtained substantial reductions in potential civil and criminal penalties for clients.

Specifically, our anti-discrimination attorney representation regarding employer compliance includes:

  • Overall due diligence and risk assessment counseling related to I-9 Employer Compliance/Employer Sanctions, including advice on best practices for I-9 completion, filing and record keeping.
  • Guidance on day-to-day I-9 compliance including on-going counsel as questions arise relating to the INA, IRCA, IMMACT 1990, IRAIRA, and Title VII’s Anti-Discrimination Laws.
  • Advice on E-Verify, including when employers are required to participate, evaluating E-Verify for individual organizations, setting up and maintaining E-Verify within a company.
  • Random and Spot Internal Audits of Company I-9 Records, the E-Verify and IMAGE Programs, Employer vs. Independent Contractor Issues, and SSA No-Match Policy.
  • Damage control during ICE Audits, Investigations and Raids.
  • Negotiations on behalf of clients in Pre-Trial Negotiations with ICE, USCIS and its Office of Chief Counsel relating to employer sanctions.
  • Representation before DOL in regard to H-1B and Prevailing Wage Audits and Investigations by OSC on immigration-related unfair employment practices in regard to national origin discrimination issues.
  • Negotiations on behalf of clients in Pre-Trial Negotiations with ICE, USCIS and its Office of Chief Counsel relating to employer sanctions.
  • Representation before DOL in regard to H-1B and Prevailing Wage Audits and Investigations by OSC on immigration-related unfair employment practices in regard to national origin discrimination issues.

Family-Based Immigration Lawyer

We regularly assess individual and family needs and offer clients a full array of family-based immigration legal services including “Green Cards” and Work Permits.

Family-Based Immigration and Family Reunification

Specifically, we represent clients with regard to the following immigrant visas:

– IR Immediate Relatives of U.S. Citizens Spouses
– Unmarried Children and Parents
– F-1 Unmarried Sons and Daughters of U.S. Citizens
– F-2A Spouses and Children of Permanent Residents
– F-2B Unmarried Sons and Daughters of Permanent Residents
– F-3 Married Sons and Daughters of U.S. Citizens
– F-4 Brothers and Sisters of U.S. Citizens

We also represent clients with regard to the following non-immigrant visas:

– K-1 Fiancés of United States Citizens
– K-3 Spouses of United States Citizens
– V-1 Spouses of Permanent Residents
– V-2 Children of Permanent Residents

Consular Processing

We offer our clients with electronic green card legal representation with knowledgeable and useful advice on how to effectively deal with electronic application processes and to avoid lengthy bureaucratic delays at the National Visa Center and U.S. Consular Posts worldwide. As well, we will advise when to choose Adjustment of Status within the U.S. over Consular Processing abroad, and vice versa. We will persistently follow up, here in the United States, when clients are unable to complete processing so that they can enter the United States. We offer client’s access to resources and tools to deal effectively with U.S. Consulates worldwide.

Citizenship and Naturalization

Our expert U.S. citizenship and naturalization lawyer offers legal advice and representation to individuals when they have been a permanent resident of the United States and are seeking to further solidify their ties to the U.S. by becoming a Citizen of the United States. We can help with planning the naturalization process, including establishing the requisite physical presence, proving good moral character, and preparing for the civics test and in-person interview. We identify when derivative citizenship may have occurred at birth and how to take advantage of these special situations.

Deferred Action, TPS, Asylum and SIJS

The firm also handles all recent deferred action initiatives by the Obama Administration including new and renewal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) applications. We process all categories of Temporary Protected Status applications including for Nationals of El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. We also offer youth asylum legal representation and special immigrant juvenile application assistance for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status from Juvenile and/or Immigration Courts.

Deportation and Criminal Litigation

Our removal defense attorney offers individuals effective representation before the U.S. Immigration Courts (EOIR) in proceedings involving exclusion, deportation or removal from the United States. We also offer representation before the USCIS and BALCA on appeals as well as in Federal District Courts for long outstanding problem immigration issues. We effectively counsel criminal attorneys on the immigration consequences of criminal prosecutions, pleas, and convictions.

Pro Bono and Low-Cost Legal Assistance

We have a very strong commitment to the practice of immigration law which is largely born from the notion of helping people and the overall benefits derived from sound immigration policy. We know full well the tremendous personal and professional impact that our results have on the clients we serve. As a full-service immigration law firm, we understand that the results we produce can change lives and families for generations. We are committed to a philosophy of philanthropy and, throughout years of practice, have offered and continue to offer many clients in need our services at no or reduced cost. For example, at this time, we are assisting children from Central and South America who are caught up in the humanitarian crisis occurring there now.

Although the above listing of legal services offered is comprehensive, it is not exhaustive. We remain available to represent clients in any U.S. immigration-related matters presented.

Please contact Teresa M. Graw, LLC, to set up a consultation to begin the process of addressing any U.S. immigration law issue you may have.